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“Truly the most insightful, powerful reading I have ever had.”

Bettina Forbes
Co-Founder, Best for Babes

After serving in the health care industry as a hospital-based speech-language pathologist for 20 years, Stephanie realized that her intuitive gifts were calling loudly to her. She left the medical setting to pursue her soul’s work as an intuitive channel and spiritual guide/coach and hasn’t looked back. Stephanie serves clients around the globe who are seeking ways to expand their own intuitive gifts and learn to trust their inner voice of wisdom. She serves those who are seeking connections with loved ones and ancestors on the other side of the veil. And she serves clients who are seeking clarity in their career/professional life, relationships, life transitions, and many other areas in which life may have  become confusing, chaotic, and uncertain.

As an intuitive channel, Stephanie listens deeply to her clients’ stories, concerns, circumstances, and questions to bring forward messages of clarity, guidance, insight, love, and humor. She establishes trusting and lasting relationships with her clients and they repeatedly utilize her gifts to support them on their journeys. Stephanie channels messages from souls on the earth and on the other side, as well as spirit guides, animals, Gaia, and many others. A new client recently reflected, “I didn’t know what to expect from my session since I’m usually a cynic about these types of things. But the messages you shared felt so true, relevant, authentic, and accurate to my situation that I became a believer. You’ve changed my life and opened my eyes and I am looking forward to continuing our work together”.

As a spiritual guide/coach, Stephanie uses her intuitive gifts to support her clients in accessing their own connection to their inner voice of wisdom. Stephanie works with couples, families, individuals, companies, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, attorneys, physicians, managers, healers, professional intuitives, therapists, artists/performers, authors, and everything in between. Her clients call her to find clarity during career and life changes, workplace challenges, and relationship difficulties. Stephanie teaches workshops around the country to help others discern and trust their own intuition. She strongly believes we all have the ability to attune to the subtle voice of intuition and learn to let it guide us.

Stephanie understands the challenges of relationship/friendship breakups and divorce. She helps individuals and couples find their clarity before, during, and after relationship transformations. Stephanie uses her channeling gifts to tune into soul agreements, commitments, and past lives to provide insight and deeper understanding of our roles with one another.

Stephanie understands the challenges of relationship/friendship breakups and divorce. She helps individuals and couples find their clarity before, during, and after relationship transformations. Stephanie uses her channeling gifts to tune into soul agreements, commitments, and past lives to provide insight and deeper understanding of our roles with one another.

Stephanie has a passion for supporting parents in making deep and lasting connections with their children. As a mother of 3, she is keenly aware of the challenges parents face in raising children in this time of uncertainty, external pressure, divisiveness, and busyness. She strongly feels that by connecting to their child’s spirit, many parents can gain the guidance and support necessary to heal and transform their relationships with their children, no matter how old their children may be.

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sara vetter

Stephanie is pure magic and a master. She has been extremely helpful in my own life – many times.


Sara Vetter

Business Development Director, Soul of Money Institute

Prepare for a magic carpet ride! Just like Aladdin showed Jasmine the world, including the hidden places from the sky, so too will Stephanie. Prepare to be uplifted and come away with new found deeper understandings and practical suggestions to integrate into daily life. Stephanie is a special, talented soul and my wish is that all seekers gain from the benefit of her gift.


Holli Moeini

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Parametrix Inc.

holli moeini
holli moeini

Stephanie Levenston is an amazing intuitive channel. My first session with her was mind-blowing, life-changing, and totally useful to me. My subsequent sessions have been enormously powerful and nothing short of extraordinary. Stephanie is clearly gifted and I feel that she is a true gift to me. Stephanie channels messages from the spirit world that are filled with wisdom, guidance, and soul. Stephanie is a miracle worker with total integrity and I trust her completely. She’s the real deal.


Lynne Twist

Founder and President, Soul of Money Institute,
Co-Founder The Pachamama Alliance

I had an amazing session with Stephanie. From the first moment, her warmth and presence were palpable across the phone connection. I felt she was truly “with” me, not just how she connected with me on the call, but how it felt she joined me in the space of inquiry that I am in right now. Her presence and her process felt deeply reassuring yet empowering.

Our session was remarkably lighthearted, deeply insightful, and illuminated what I knew, allowing me to affirm and own what I know about where I am right now. It wasn’t so much what she said (though that was pretty amazing, truth be told, totally knocked my socks off); throughout the session, I just had the feeling that all was well, that I was in the right place, everything is going to be better than ok. I just felt a huge sense of ease.

When she channeled information there was NO doubt about the truth of it. The language, images, references, and manner of communication channeled was unmistakably specific to me and my life. I can’t wait to go back and listen to the recording and take it in on a deeper level.


Kristy Zeiler Scher

Yoga Teacher & Registered Nurse

kristy scher
allison crow

I have had the opportunity to have both private and group channeling sessions with Stephanie. Each. And. Every. time….she has been the vehicle for such profound and clear guidance and information. These messages ground me, support me, and are often the anchor for my next breadth of expansion. RUN, do not walk, to secure a private or group session with Stephanie. You will be amazed and honored at the Divine that comes through”.


Allison Crow

High-End Business and Life Coach

I love having met Stephanie and her amazing gifts. Each time I’ve had a session with her, I am more connected to my own gifts of intuition and that is very powerful. My sessions with Stephanie have a lightness with a surprisingly penetrating impact that has had a profound influence on my life.


Basil Twist

World Renowned Puppeteer

holli moeini

I feel blessed by having been led to Stephanie Levenston’s professional path and by being able to experience, and benefit from, her superior, abundant and authentic gifts. Stephanie is deeply grounded in her understanding of the laws and ways of the Universe. She is unusually perceptive, insightful, energetically sensitive, steady, clear, sincere in intent, non-judgmental and gentle as she guides you to your deeper understanding and awareness of your own gifts.

Stephanie’s ability to understand what you are experiencing and engage your enthusiastic involvement in your own process of deepening and awakening is transformational. She is unwaiveringly able to walk in the murky water with you and steadily guide you toward extracting what you need in the moment to further expand your awareness and your ability to partner with yourself in your evolution. Working with Stephanie, I am learning to develop and reliably use my inner guidance system to navigate the journey of my life, no matter how inclement the weather. I can’t wait for next session!!


Diane Abdo

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

For much of my working life, I’ve had the experience that I bring a great deal of creativity, dependability, and a strong work ethic to everything I take on. At the same time, I’ve experienced being underpaid, and have struggled to ask compensation reflecting my efforts and abilities. In short, much of my professional life has been fraught with long periods of self-doubt and conflicting views of my own worth. The day after completing Stephanie’s Intuitive Channeling class, I received a job offer making more money than I have ever made. My new employer is well regarded within the financial services industry, and my new office is a 20-minute walk from my home. My professional credentials alone did not cause this to happen – of this, I am certain. Stephanie’s class and her brilliant guidance opened me up to trust my higher self, and to ask the Universe for abundance and ease at this stage of my life. Channeling with Stephanie has been a blessing to me, and she is a true gift to us all!


Stuart Papavassiliou

eva angell
I have not had much experience with channeling in the past and in fact I was quite skeptical about its legitimacy until I had a session with Stephanie. Stephanie has a warm, loving and straight forward way to put you at ease while authentically connecting with you at a deep level. My session with her opened up a new world of possibilities by guiding me through a career path I had taken and helping me learn how to better read the signs of my body’s feedback. Since then I have never looked back.

Eva Angell

Fundraising Associate , Pachamama Alliance

I have been working with Stephanie on a regular basis for a few years. Each time we have a session I come away with clarity that I was not able to arrive at by any other means. The most recent session at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic was particularly valuable.In that session, it became clear that I needed to reach out to my musical community and provide them with hope in the form of a free training session. My fears of failure have stopped me before in taking action but through the message delivered to me, I was able to overcome those fears and get in action. In less than a week I designed a lecture, learned the technology needed and registered over 800 people to view my live stream. The Livestream ended up reaching people in many parts of the world with amazing messages of gratitude sent directly to me. I value Stephanie’s work very highly and I am grateful for all she provides. I look forward to each session and to the insights, peace and clarity they provide.


Robert Durso

Cofounder, Senior Director, Teacher, Golandsky Institute

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