Conscious Consumerism


We as consumers hold the power of choice.



When you buy a product from a specific company you are supporting that company, but what exactly are you supporting? Does this company use child labor to make their products? Is environmental destruction collateral damage from the production methods this company uses?

How can you tell what companies are doing good for the world and which ones are not? This class will give you insight and numerous resources you can take with you to start making more informed decisions when making a purchase.

In this three-part class, you will learn how to put your conscious consumer glasses on to research what companies really stand for. We as consumers have the power to choose who we support and what we consume.

If you are interested in shifting your perspective about how we consume products and to raise your awareness with research, this class is for you.

“I really enjoyed Stephanie’s Conscious Consumerism class, and it was much more than I expected. While I thought we would just go over why and where to purchase green products, she went much deeper. She set the tone by starting with a meditation that really helped us all envision our dream future around consumerism. The section all about our relationship to money was unique, and nothing I ever experienced. Stephanie did a great job sparking discussion among the participants and we all learned so much from each other. Finally, she clearly put a lot of time and research into the course; the resources she sent after each session were very helpful. If you are looking for an innovative way to explore your relationship to money and your purchases, then definitely check out this course.”
Sandi Schwartz
Author and blogger

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