Power Up Your Intuition – Boca Raton




Intuition Workshop

Stephanie Levenston, Intuitive Channel, will bring fun, humor, lightheartedness, and enjoyment to learning how to fully utilize intuition in every day life. Join us for a high vibe workshop as we learn various tools and techniques to tap in to intuition. Stephanie will guide participants who wish to trust their own intuition, learn ways to infuse Spirit and intuition into every day life, practice reading and perceiving energy from others, and speak to one’s own Higher Self for the highest clarity in wisdom and guidance. No prior experience necessary. Come with an open heart and open mind.

Date:  Sunday, February 25
Time:  10am-3pm
Location:  The Holistic Center of Boca Raton
Address:  6971 North Federal Highway Suite 205  Located in the Palm Professional Plaza
Investment:  $118  **Please bring your own lunch

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