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Welcome to Soul Academy! This is a space where you can find recorded classes, teachings, musings, and explanations of all things spiritual. Whether you are looking to jump start your spiritual practice with Spiritual Boot Camp, explore the techniques and practices I use as a professional channel in my audio Channeling Workshop class, change your relationship and views around money in my Money Consciousness or Conscious Consumerism courses, or understand your empathic gifts and skills in a more appreciative way, I’ve got you covered. Follow your curiosity and hunger for deeper learning and dive into one (or all) of these offerings. I am always creating new workshops and teachings so check back often!

Spiritual Boot Camp was inspired by the post-holiday programs offered by gyms in an effort to get people back into tip-top physical shape. While caring for the body is quite important, it is actually the Spirit that we take with us once we transition out of physical form. Yet, rarely do we give consideration to the health of our connection to our Spirit. Spiritual Boot Camp offers a variety of activities, techniques, and thoughtful considerations to support you in your journey back to your Spirit.

How can you tell what companies are doing good for the world and which ones are not? This class will give you insight and numerous resources you can take with you to start making more informed decisions when making a purchase.

conscious consumerism
money consciousness

Most of us have intense feelings about money: fear, anxiety, scarcity, judgment, frustration, and insecurity. If you are interested in shifting your perspective about money towards creating more joy, meaning and abundance in your life, this 1.5 hour class is for you! 

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