For those of you who have requested an online channeling/intuition workshop, I’ve been listening and allowing it to take shape. Here is what I’m guided to offer:

A 6 week course of 90 minute sessions which will include discussion, demonstration, channeling, meditation, sharing, and homework assignments (you decide if you want to complete them–no pressure!). We will meet every other week to give you time to digest the information and use the guidance to put into practice whatever most resonates with you in your daily life. You will keep a journal of your insights and downloads to help you track your progress. You will receive an audio recording of each class. If you cannot attend the live class, you will still be provided the recording as long as you have invested energetically in the class. Speaking of investing…

I want to live on a planet where our inner voice of wisdom is trusted. That is part of the more beautiful world my heart knows is possible. I do not want to exclude participants based on inability to pay a specific price. Nor do I want to give my time away without exchange, as I know the power of reciprocity and energetic exchange. So, I trust you to pay what you can afford in an amount that honors our time together. Your investment is guided 100% by you. I ask that you make your payments following each class, rather than an up-front lump sum. I know that the energy of money flows to us and away from us. The amounts you invest may vary and that is perfectly fine with me. 

I can take 10 participants in this course. If your soul knows you are meant to join us, please send me an email sharing why you feel guided to participate. The email will help me make the best-aligned selections based on the needs and purpose of the group. Please send the email to and write Channeling/Intuition Group Class in the subject line. The group will begin mid-February. Looking forward to elevating with you!

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