Coaching sessions are centered around your goals, defined by you.  These goals may change from session to session and Stephanie maintains flexibility and focus to support you on your journey to reaching your deepest desires.

Stephanie uses her intuitive skills/gifts to customize coaching sessions and packages for those clients who are interested in fulfilling their deepest desires, whether those desires are personal, professional, or both.  Stephanie coaches clients from all backgrounds:  professionals at the top of their game, entrepreneurs, energy workers and healers, parents, and creative individuals focused on learning to fully trust their own inner guidance. If there is a gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be, coaching with Stephanie may be the gateway to get you there more efficiently and with a lot more fun!

With a background in communication skills, many years working in highly demanding health care environments, public speaking engagements/teaching on the topic of intuition and Spirit, and an organized, humorous, and joyful approach to life, Stephanie has helped many people live their best lives.

Selecting the right coach is an important decision.  Not everyone’s energy and personality is an ideal match.  Stephanie is highly selective about those for whom she coaches.  Coaching clients are mostly referred by word of mouth.  However, if you are interested in considering a coaching relationship with Stephanie, please fill our the form below, and you will be contacted to set up a complimentary consultation.  Stephanie places a high level of importance on finding the right fit between coach and client and she believes this can best be assured by having an in-depth conversation to discuss your specific needs, desires, and expectations.

Coaching Package

(7 session package):  $2400 (one session free)

Please sign up for a complimentary coaching consultation above to make sure we are a good fit and to arrange the details.

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